Summer is a great time to get through that ever-growing project to-do list. Not to mention, summer-time is when we really start noticing the small

“Just pick the worst one.”

One of the most common things that we hear is “just pick the worst one.” When you replace an old piece of glass with a

Look at what a difference new windows can make.

Replacement Windows You can make a dramatic change in your home when you upgrade your windows. Materials have become stronger and more efficient and can

Broken Glass Patio Door repair

Broken Glass Patio Door! What Do I Do?

Broken Glass? Handle with Caution! “The other day there was a lightning storm and my dog had a serious freak out moment. She went to

Modernize those windows and make your space great again

High performance glass can give your windows a new modern look as well as increase energy efficiency.  This room became valuable useable space in this home!