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Installing a Charley-BAR®

Re-screening a damaged window screen

Channel Balance Replacement

Glass handling and safety

Replacing patio door rollers

My Windows Are Leaking

My windows are leaking! The rains bring in the yearly calls about leaking windows. The biggest cause of window and roof leakage stems from the drought […]

Replacement Window Installation FAQs

You’ve chosen your new windows. You’ve selected your contractor. You can see the new windows on your home and can imagine how much more comfortable and […]

Finish Small Projects, One at a Time

Summer Goes By Fast, Get It Done The old joke goes, “You eat an elephant, one bite at a  time.” Sometimes task-list paralysis is overwhelming. The […]


Summer is a great time to get through that ever-growing project to-do list. Not to mention, summer-time is when we really start noticing the small projects […]