Measurements - how to measure

How do I measure for a new screen?

With recent rains and warming temperatures, flies, mosquitos and bugs abound. When they are invading your home through that tear in the screen, you may be looking to replace them. But where do you start? With measurements. “How do I measure my window for a screen?” Sounds like a very simple question, especially for a screen company that has been in business for more than 30 years, right? Of all the questions we get asked, this is far and away the toughest to answer.
There are standard sized windows. There are no standard size screens. You may have sliding windows or they could be single hung, double hung, casement, awning, hopper or maybe something I can’t think of. Let’s start with the most common window in our area, sliding. Every brand of sliding window has its own method of measuring and installing a screen. In Albuquerque there are probably over 100 brands of sliding windows that have been installed over the last 30 years, each one with its own method to install a screen. So let’s ask again. How do I measure?

For more information on measuring for screens, watch our video on how to measure for a sliding screen door.

When measuring, subtract a 1/4 inch from your measurement. This will give you an 1/8 of an inch leeway as you prepare for your screen installation. This
Corners have adjustment screws that can be adjusted to make your screen door fit accurately. Adjust a new door to help with longterm function.