“Just pick the worst one.”

One of the most common things that we hear is “just pick the worst one.” When you replace an old piece of glass with a new one, it makes the one next to it stick out like a sore thumb, regardless of whether or not it’s fogged. Glass weathers in a very short period of time, especially when exposed to the sun. There is always a noticeable difference in the condition of glass when you compare north facing and sun facing windows, even on a newer home.

Inevitably, this can create an awkward situation in a real estate transaction. It might be advisable to have the buyer and seller together to tag each pane to be replaced to avoid misunderstandings. Or, have the seller provide an allowance for a buyer to pick and choose what they would want rather than the seller picking for them. Even the most discriminating inspector can miss a broken seal that will show itself the next day when the humidity level rises.

Another great way to  protect your glass from the harsh affects of the sun is to add sunscreens to your windows. The next time you are by the shop ask one of our folks about the benefits of sunscreens to extend the life of your double pane glass!

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